A Fair Economy for All

Arizona policymakers need to take proactive steps to stop giving tax breaks and special protections to the wealthy and powerful, and instead reform our tax code and support common-sense workplace protections that will build an economy that works for everyone, not just the rich and well-connected.


Cleaning up our Tax Code

Arizona’s revenue system is profoundly broken. Decades of political cheap tricks, halfway solutions, and right-wing political ideology run amok, Arizona finds itself in a fiscal situation that requires wholesale, comprehensive change.


Affordable Housing

Families can’t thrive unless they have a safe and healthy place to live. Arizona leaders should take steps to invest in affordable housing and stop corporate interests from gutting the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act. Proposed reforms that weaken such basic consumer protections as setting maximum summertime temperatures in rental housing are offensive, and we should oppose them moving forward.



Working people often go above and beyond at work and rewarding this is both good for the economy and the right way to treat employees. We should strengthen our overtime laws so that they protect more workers, and we should stand firm against corporate attacks on our overtime laws.


Protecting and Expanding Workplace Protections

Arizona can do a lot to protect and expand protections in the workplace. Treating workers right is the centerpiece to a successful economy. Commonsense steps that can be taken include:

  • Expanding access to workplace protections like paid family leave. An economy where teachers don’t have access to maternity leave is not working for anyone.
  • Protecting and expanding training and apprenticeships. Apprenticeship programs are one of the most effective workforce development tools we have, and they help individuals onto a path to a prosperous career. These programs are too often under attack, and they should be protected.
  • Stopping efforts to water down sexual harassment laws in order to serve corporate interests.
  • Taking a look at how best to implement workplace protections for gig economy employees, giving them protections other workers have and preventing these workplaces from becoming exploitative.
  • Implementing and expanding subsidies for childcare.
  • Ending the misclassification of workers that cheats workers out of their rightful pay and benefits
  • Defending worker safety protections from deregulation
  • Repealing Arizona’s Right-to-Work Law
  • Passing a Fair Scheduling law, making sure workers have their work schedules at least a week in advance, allowing working-class Arizonans to have a predictable schedule allowing them to pursue education and care for family members.
  • Protecting pensions for teachers and other public employees—secure retirement language use here
  • Providing paid parental leave in both public and private workplaces


Predatory Lending

The predatory lending industry is a dangerous one for Arizona’s families. Arizonans should be vigilant against attempts by this industry to water down our consumer protection laws in this area, and we should continue to support efforts to strengthen those laws.


Minimum Wage

Every Arizonan deserves to earn a living wage. Arizona took a big leap towards that goal when we passed Proposition 206, which raised the minimum wage and expanded access to paid sick leave. Arizona must remain vigilant in defending Proposition 206 and oppose preemption laws that restrict the ability of local jurisdictions to go even further.



Cleaning Up the Tax Code

We need to clean up the tax code to get rid of special breaks for the wealthy and powerful, allowing us to invest in things like education and healthcare. No more carve-outs for the well-connected.

We should put safeguards in place making sure that businesses that are given tax credits create the jobs they promise to bring to our state. Arizona leaders need to be laser focused on making sure taxpayers get a good return on their investment.

We need a moratorium and sunset of special interest tax credits, exemptions, and cutouts that bleed the state’s coffers dry, leaving nothing left for core needs like public education and human services. The dire state of Arizona’s finances will hit the state hard in the event of a recession, so a comprehensive attempt to raise revenue needs to happen now.


Repealing Harmful and Outdated Laws

We need to repeal Proposition 126, which exacerbates an already desperate revenue situation by giving a special sweetheart deal to a specific industry, rather than providing any global solutions to the state’s situation.

Arizona should also repeal Proposition 108, which provides a structural impediment to the necessary reforms that Arizona needs in order to finally provide adequate funding to services like public education and human services.


Take Commonsense Steps

Arizona should repeal the 20% automatic growth of the corporate private school tax credit and raise the minimum corporate tax to at least $500 or $1000. Common sense reforms like those in the Fair Share Campaign should be considered by Arizonans as we address this crisis.

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