Arizona policymakers need to take proactive steps to stop giving tax breaks and special protections to the wealthy and powerful, and instead reform our tax code and support common-sense workplace protections that will build an economy that works for everyone, not just the rich and well-connected.

Policy Principles:

• We need to clean up the tax code to get rid of special breaks for the wealthy and powerful, allowing us to invest in things like education and healthcare. No more carve-outs for the well-connected.

• Arizona needs to hire more auditors and collectors, so we can enforce our laws and collect the money the public is owed.

• Rather than picking winners and losers, we should put safeguards in place making sure that businesses that are given tax credits create the jobs they promise to bring to our state. Arizona leaders need to be laser focused on making sure taxpayers get a good return on their investment.

• We need to expand access to workplace protections like paid maternity leave. An economy where teachers don’t have access to maternity leave is not working for anyone.

• Arizona should make sure workers have their work schedules at least a week in advance, allowing working-class Arizonans to have a predictable schedule allowing them to pursue education and care for family members.

News From the Campaign:

Community Leaders Introduce the Arizona Sunrise Agenda

For too long, Arizona’s current leaders at the Capitol have been looking out for the wealthy and special interests at the expense of Arizona’s working families. This has left us with under-funded public schools, economic insecurity for families working to be part of the middle class, a lack of trust in politicians, communities struggling and … Continued