Every family in Arizona should have the right to live in a healthy community, with access to affordable healthcare and with clean drinking water, clean air, and access to parks and other public lands.


Support and Expand Critical Services That Keep Families Healthy

Arizona should be a place where we take the steps we need to make sure all our families can stay healthy. We can do this by:

Providing AHCCCS with the resources they need to insure there are sufficient service providers available in all communities, especially low-income and rural communities.

Supporting Community Health Centers and other healthcare providers that serve as critical lifelines in vulnerable populations.

Supporting and expanding access to substance abuse treatment. These critical services should be made more widely available, as should access to mental healthcare.

Providing healthcare professionals with training in culturally specific training and practices, to make sure healthcare is accessible to Arizonans from all backgrounds.

Preventing the imposition of harmful work requirements on AHCCCS patients, something that would have a negative impact on public health for Arizonans of all backgrounds.



We need to increase access to affordable healthcare by taking common-sense steps like allowing all residents to buy into our AHCCCS system.


Unencumbered Access to Services

Arizona policymakers should take a holistic view of healthcare and insure that steps are taken to provide unencumbered access to services for survivors of gender-based violence.


Climate Resiliency is a Public Health Issue

As Arizona is ground zero for the impact of our climate crisis, fighting climate change must be a priority–for public health and to protect the long-term resilience of our state.


Fully Fund KidsCare

Arizona needs to stand up for vulnerable children by insuring that KidsCare remains fully funded, regardless of the federal government’s inaction.


Gun Violence

Gun violence is a public health crisis in this country and in communities across Arizona. Arizona policymakers should address gun violence as the public health crisis that it is and prioritize the adoption of commonsense solutions to bring this epidemic of preventable death to an end.



Arizona’s environment is essential for everything that we do—in order to live here, we need to take care of our home. Environmental justice is integral to all different facets of our life—from schools, to homes, to our economy, we need to invest in protecting our environment.

–As Arizona is ground zero for the impact of our climate crisis, fighting climate change must be a priority—for public health and to protect the long-term resilience of the state.

Arizona leaders should demonstrate their commitment to clean renewable energy by using all the policy options at our disposal to move our state away from fossil fuels and invest in building Arizona’s innovative renewable energy economy.

Arizona is uniquely situated to become a leader in the production of solar energy. Policy leaders need to take steps to make this a reality.

Water is one of our most precious resources—we need to manage our water wisely, protecting ecological flows and protecting healthy rivers and streams which help drive our economy.

We should adopt policies that protect and improve air and water quality without saddling future generations with all the costs and impacts.

Arizona must take steps to address the historic disparate impacts of pollution on low-income communities and communities of color. One step we can take to remedy this legacy is by building our infrastructure for electric vehicles and investing in clean electric school buses, starting with low-income school districts.

Our public lands are vital for us to have strong, healthy families. We should keep public lands like the Grand Canyon and our State Parks public, and stand against efforts to privatize our public lands.

Arizona’s leaders should respect the historic relationship between Arizona’s lands and tribal communities. Tribal sovereignty should be respected and the historic impact of land policy on tribal communities should be taken into consideration whenever land policy issues arise.

Arizona should commit to the recovery of threatened and endangered wildlife, like Mexican Grey Wolves and the Apache Trout, for future generations.

Transparency in all governing entities with jurisdiction over environmental issues must be a priority. Uniform application of ethical and legal framework over these bodies.

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