Every family in Arizona should have the right to live in a healthy community, with access to affordable healthcare and with clean drinking water, clean air, and access to parks and other public lands.

Policy Principles:

• We need to increase access to affordable healthcare by taking common-sense steps like allowing residents to buy into our AHCCCS system.

• As Arizona is ground zero for the impact of our climate crisis, fighting climate change must be a priority–for public health and to protect the long-term resilience of our state.

• Arizona leaders should demonstrate their commitment to clean renewable energy by using all the policy options at our disposal to move our state away from fossil fuels and invest in building Arizona’s innovative renewable energy economy.

• Arizona needs to stand up for vulnerable children by insuring that KidsCare remains fully funded, regardless of the federal government’s inaction.

• Water is one of our most precious resources–we need to manage our water wisely, protecting ecological flows and protecting healthy rivers and streams, which help drive our economy.

• Arizona must take steps to address the historic disparate impacts of pollution on low-income communities and communities of color. One step we can take to remedy this legacy is by investing our VW settlement money in clean electric school buses for low-income school districts.

• We need to provide every family with access to comprehensive healthcare, including reproductive healthcare, and protect this for all communities. We also need to implement inclusive age-appropriate nondiscriminatory comprehensive health education that no longer marginalizes LGBTQ students and empowers all Arizona students to plan for healthy futures.

• Arizona should commit to the recovery of threatened and endangered wildlife, like Mexican Grey Wolves, for future generations.

News From the Campaign:

Community Leaders Introduce the Arizona Sunrise Agenda

For too long, Arizona’s current leaders at the Capitol have been looking out for the wealthy and special interests at the expense of Arizona’s working families. This has left us with under-funded public schools, economic insecurity for families working to be part of the middle class, a lack of trust in politicians, communities struggling and … Continued