For too long, Arizona’s leaders have been looking out for their friends and donors, not for Arizona’s families. This has left a situation where families are struggling–from our public schools to our healthcare system, everyday people get left behind while the powerful get away without paying their fair share.

It’s a new day in Arizona. Community leaders from around our state have come together to form the Sunrise Agenda, a proactive agenda to bring the people’s priorities back to Arizona. We envision an Arizona where our leaders will fight for these issues and help bring power back to the people.

News From the Campaign:

Community Leaders Introduce the Arizona Sunrise Agenda

For too long, Arizona’s current leaders at the Capitol have been looking out for the wealthy and special interests at the expense of Arizona’s working families. This has left us with under-funded public schools, economic insecurity for families working to be part of the middle class, a lack of trust in politicians, communities struggling and … Continued