Big money interests have too much influence over our political system. We need a government that works for the people, not just the powerful.

Policy Principles:

• Lawmakers should be prohibited from profiting off the votes they take at the Capitol.

• Decisions that affect the lives of Arizonans should be driven by voters, not career politicians and their wealthy backers.

• Voting should be as accessible as possible to Arizonans regardless of where you live, whether you serve in the military, where you work, or your ethnic background. We believe in more democracy, not less.

• Voting should be accessible, modern, and secure. In the digital age, we should prioritize protecting the integrity of our elections against bad actors.

• We believe in upholding constitutional principles like an independent judiciary and separation of powers–these safeguards prevent any one politician from becoming too powerful.

• We support independent procedures that lead to fair electoral maps drawn by the people, not the powerful, leading to outcomes that provide fair representation to all of Arizona’s communities.

News From the Campaign:

Community Leaders Introduce the Arizona Sunrise Agenda

For too long, Arizona’s current leaders at the Capitol have been looking out for the wealthy and special interests at the expense of Arizona’s working families. This has left us with under-funded public schools, economic insecurity for families working to be part of the middle class, a lack of trust in politicians, communities struggling and … Continued